The day I finally left to Cape Town / by Mariam Harraz

I am so ready to face whatever is going to come at me, my bag is packed and I feel like my spine is about to split in half from carrying my backpack from the departure point at the airport to the luggage drop off point. My bag is 1 KG extra then what my research says, but those biscuits and box of Earl grey tea are so worth it. 

I take an awkward picture at 3am in the morning to mark my first adventure and head up to the information desk to see where i can grab my last burger before I go out into the wild - literally. Unfortunately it's quiet a walk and I'm guessing at any point they would be calling my name for the last call. 

I embrace myself for the 11 hour flight and make myself comfortable in the plane. The first song I playduring take off is: