Things I wish I knew before packing my backpack / by Mariam Harraz

There's a first time for everything and it's my first time packing a backpack - ever! I am super nervous of what to take so I spend hours researching and procrastinating. I make a decision of taking 7 tops and 3 pairs of trousers for 60 days! I prioritise my camera equipment (my tripod and go pro equipment) and wet wipes to save me on days that we don't have showers or loos. 

One thing I wish I knew is ALWAYS pack a pair of jeans wherever you go (they will definitely come in use no matter where you are) and at least 2 or 3 decent tops for nice dinners when we aren't in the middle of nowhere and can actually look nice. 

Something from home - I left without even a pillow cover (many people had packed it because it's small and useful) because it honestly didn't cross my mind, but if you're the type to get home sick while travelling I would definitely suggest it. To be honest I was just fine without it only because I really wanted my space away from home. 

That £40 water bottle that says it filters 99.99999% of bacteria and will save your life in Africa is a lie and also stresses you out because you have to carry it around for 60 days. You will still be able to buy water wherever you are in Africa. Thank god!