The day we went to Sesriem Canyon and saw our first mountain zebra's / by Mariam Harraz

Today we drove towards the Namib desert, a long and bumpy ride until we got to our campsite. On our way there we stopped over to see the Sesriem Canyon, a smaller canyon which has been carved by the river which used to have a river flow through.It was boiling hot today, the hottest it’s been so far and here’s me thinking we’re only going to look at the canyon from on top and leave, but we went down into the canyon as you're allowed and they have carved steps there to allow people to walk in and out. I have never sweated in my life as much as I have today. It sounds disgusting but that’s why our shower later was so bloody beautiful! 

Sesriem means six belts as when people had to get water they had to attach six belts together to reach the bottom of the canyon to get water. The river has dried up because of the heat and lack of rainfall in the area. It was incredible to go down there and walk around, I have such a balance problem and walking down there was so funny because I kept thinking I am about to fall and I was more worried about my camera then I was about myself. Colleen found a snake for us and we took a really sweaty group picture which I wonder who it is with at the moment. 

Collen and lulu amaze me, they aren’t just tour guides they don't take their job for granted and take the easy way out, every time there’s an opportunity to see something they stop and this was one of the times. As we were driving we made a stop on the highway and were told to get off and we walked to a massive tree which is a social weavers nest, it’s one of the biggest Colleen says she’s seen, it was incredible watching the weavers make their nest just so many of them bringing stiff grass to make this, they go one for ages. They are the largest nests made by birds and can last for ages, until the weight becomes extremely heavy that the tree cannot hold itself up anymore. 

Carrying on to our campsite we spotted zebras for the first time, they are mountain zebras which are only found in three countries in Africa and there aren't many of them left so it was very special and of course seeing one in the desert was just.. no words for it.

We made our first toilet stop that had no toilets today, of course I refused to go down waiting till we get to proper toilets. I am just so worried something bites me and also I have never really done it before, weird I know. Someone calls it bushy bushy and we all giggle at the new name for going to the loo in the out and open.

When we finally reached our campsite it was one of the most beautiful ones, we were literally camping in the middle of nowhere in the desert, the showers and loos were quiet far and we were warned about walking into an Orxy horns at night because they're very sharp. The shower blocks were just new and were perfect seeing as we had sweated so much and all felt so disgusting, a fresh pair of clothes have never felt better. The sunset was a typical African sunset those that you see in movies and pictures. Later after dinner and a briefing about tomorrow’s plan we put up a massive fire and planned on playing mafia.